Become A Pulte Trade Partner

According to their website, the Pulte Group Inc. is continuously seeking trade partners and suppliers that share in its commitment to quality, innovation, and efficiency. These partners are treated as members of the Pulte Group. To become a trade partner, prospective candidates are required to fill in a questionnaire which is reviewed the Pulte Group and responded to with a contract or an apology.

Their questionnaire is available via this link

The Pulte Group’s questionnaire is very exhaustive and demands that you answer all questions diligently in order to be considered for a Trading Partner contract. This involves the revelation of business information including your Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN, Bank Reference Information and other details that are usually confidential. The first section of the questionnaire requires you to declare the classification of your company registration, that is whether it is a Sole Proprietorship, Corporation or LLC. After that, you will fill out the details of all the products and services that your

The first section of the questionnaire requires you to declare the classification of your company registration, that is whether it is a Sole Proprietorship, Corporation or LLC. After that, you will fill out the details of all the products and services that your is willing to offer to Pulte Group. This page of the questionnaire is divided into three sections, the first one for declaring the products that you offer, the second one for declaring the services that you offer and the last section for declaring the geographical areas where you offer your services.

For the first two sections, the questionnaire has 5 drop down boxes where you can declare your primary product or service and any 4 other products or services. The drop down list contains 64 products and service categories that are pre-selected by the Pulte Group including Asphalt, Vinyl flooring, Inspections et cetera. Additionally, for each section, there is another text box provided for inputting any products or services that you may offer but were omitted in the questionnaire.

Once you finish selecting your products and services, you are asked to tick the locations where you offer these products and services. There is, however, no option to specifically locate each product and service. The questionnaire is designed to assume that you offer all the products and services in all the areas. If your business offers all the products nationally, you are given the option to tick the National check box and not have to tick specific locations. If your business only operates in specific areas, there are tick boxes for specific areas in the Mid West, North East, South East, South West, California and North West.

In next section, you will be required to confirm that an authorized agent of your company is available to sign and accept the terms of the Pulte provided contract if you are finally offered a contract and that you have the ability to access and utilize Excel, Email, PDF, High-Speed internet, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Fax.

Once you accept the two requirements, a company profile page opens up where you are required to answer a series of questions about the nature of your business. You declare how old your company is and how many years it has been operating in the construction sector, your regional and national presence and are asked to elaborate on this “presence”.

You also make a declaration if your company has been involved in any lawsuit, judgments, arbitration, claims in the last 5 years and to elaborate if applicable. You also declare if your company has had any bankruptcies in the previous 5 years. You will also declare if your products qualify for any points on the NAHB National Green Building Standard.

The Pultegroup has a National Storm Water Pollution Quality Program (NSQP) where things like sand, dirt, and many other materials are considered to be pollutants as provided for under Federal Law. For this reason, every Pulte Group construction site is covered by the NSQP at all stages. Based on this, you are requested to declare if your company will be able to comply.

A note of major importance is that all traders will be required to adhere to Pulte Group’s full visibility policy through which the group will be allowed to know all the steps involved and costs incurred in your supply chain. The Pultegroup also asks you to confirm that you will be willing to work with them using their Fee-based cost model where Pulte pays for materials at the acquisition cost by the Supplier/Trade, and instead of the supplier introducing a markup on material, all other costs and profits are paid as a dollar amount (fee) per home. You will also be required to accept to only sell your products and services under this contract directly to the Pultegroup instead of any contractor that is working on site on behalf on the Pultegroup.

The Pultegroup also prefers suppliers who are able to Kit or Lock their packs; that means you may occasionally be required to supply an assortment of materials as a pack/batch instead of supplying individual materials within a batch of what the Pultegroup has ordered from you.

To better assess the safety policy of your company, the Pultegroup asks you to declare if you have had any fatality and catastrophe investigations (OSHA) in the past year, if you have been conducting safety inspections and if you have a dedicated service department.

Once you fill in all this information and click next, you will be taken to an information request page where you will declare your company’s References, Current Important Projects, your Licenses & Certificates, Company Affiliations (including Union affiliations, Distributor Groups and Trade Groups), and any Awards & Recognition. Once you provide this information, clicking next will submit your form to their trader evaluation department, completing the application process.

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