About Pulte Homes Offer

One of the country’s biggest and cost effective home builders, Pulte Homes is offering dreams for many potential first time home buyers.
Pulte Homes Inc., one of the country’s largest home builders, says it will match a new $7,500 tax credit for first-time home buyers with its own $7,500 discount on homes. This comes as a dream come true for many who are looking to take advantage of all the incentives and enticements as well as the lower housing prices to become first time home buyers.

According to Pulte, the goal of this offer which will be extended to any buyer of a Pulte home is “to draw attention not only to our homes but to the housing online essay writer market in general,” reports Richard J. Dugas, president and chief executive of Pulte. With the decline in housing prices, the devaluation of homes due to the increase of vacant homes from foreclosures this may help those who are ready buy and take advantage of all of the incentives.

The tax credit that was signed into law last week was lobbied hard for by home builders. It is all part of a bigger housing rescue package that is beginning to spread. Currently, the housing industry is working hard to get the word to consumers and is hoping the tax break will help pull the crippled housing market out of danger. President of the National Association of Home Builders, Sandy Dunn, states that many potential first time home buyers are now in a good position to buy a home but are understandably nervous about the market. In a conference call, Monday Dunn says “This tax credit will help them off the fence.”

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